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National Teachers Associates Life Insurance Company ("NTA Life") began as one man's dream in 1973. Bill Ellard, a native Texan, began selling insurance in Texas and Oklahoma and slowly started incorporating his small agency in a few states. In 1978, he founded NTA Life to underwrite all of the policies he sold. Over the last four decades, NTA Life has remained family-owned. Today, Bill's son, Brian Ellard, carries on this family legacy as the current president of NTA. Ellard's leadership and growth strategy has the company expanding like never before, deploying a field force of hundreds of agents in 45 states.

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NTA Life is headquartered in Addison, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, and is an established provider of voluntary worksite benefits. NTA Life specializes in creating, marketing and administering life, accident, and health insurance products to employees in the expansive public sector. Recently, NTA has spread its operations to additional niche markets including police, firefighters, and hospitals.

NTA Life is a respected leader in the insurance industry and consistently performs with solid financial stability. The secure financial standing and market outlook of NTA Life are validated through designations like Ward's 50® Top Performing Life & Health Insurers, and its A- (Excellent) rating with A.M. Best Company - the world's oldest, most authoritative ratings source for creditworthiness of insurance companies. NTA Life also maintains numerous endorsements by major national and local public sector associations and unions; not to mention the hundreds of relationships with individual school districts, government offices and emergency service facilities nationwide.


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For 40 years, NTA has dedicated itself to providing outstanding products and unmatched service to a niche public sector clientele. Although privately owned, NTA is one of the largest suppliers of supplemental insurance products to public school teachers, government employees and fire fighters throughout the United States.