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NTA prides itself on matching talented individuals with roles that suit their strengths, then maximizing their potential through top-flight training. The end result is a company full of successful salespeople who are building their careers, are reaching their goals and living the kind of life most only dream about. NTA understands that the foundation for our organization's success is built upon sales teams, without which the company would not be able to continue its record-breaking pace of growth.

It is not uncommon for NTA agents to bring on their brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters into the business with them. NTA is truly a family with many success stories of one generation inspiring the next. Each successive generation strives to match or exceed their predecessors.

This starts at the top. President Brian Ellard's vision is guiding the company into new markets and regions through planned growth, technology and constructing a leadership team that fits the "right tools for the right job" system of success. The Senior Management Team is focused on all aspects of running the agency: sales and marketing, rep training and manager development, new market cultivation, and association relationship management.

The incredible support staff at the home office goes out of their way to make sure that reps have everything they need to make the week a success; from research and development to marketing materials and answering questions over policy applications and advances.


About NTA

For 40 years, NTA has dedicated itself to providing outstanding products and unmatched service to a niche public sector clientele. Although privately owned, NTA is one of the largest suppliers of supplemental insurance products to public school teachers, government employees and fire fighters throughout the United States.