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Do You Want ...

People to See?

You can enjoy the security of having prospective clients waiting to see you everyday. NTA has done the legwork so that you spend your time with interested groups acting as their dedicated service provider.

To Make Money?

Unlimited Income means you will turn that hard work into money in the bank. No caps on advances mean nobody will stop you from making whatever you desire. We pay advance commissions and renewals as well as other perks like paid company trips.

To Help Others?

We sell products that ensure the financial stability and future for our clients. Those clients are teachers, fire fighters, police and other public servants. We do our job so they can keep doing theirs and you sleep soundly at night.

To Move Up?

Management opportunities are everywhere and with new markets opening monthly, we are ready for leaders to step into these positions and build teams of wildly successful reps. Our management training school will prepare you with proven systems of success.

Your Time Back?

Some sales jobs have you chained to a schedule that's backwards from the rest of the world, having you meet people at night or on weekends. At NTA, you'll be meeting clients during the workday while the sun is up. Save your weekends for the important stuff: time with family and relaxing.

So, what are you waiting for? Click that Apply Now button to get the process started.

All agents are considered independent contractors of NTA and are not employees of NTA Life.


About NTA

For 40 years, NTA has dedicated itself to providing outstanding products and unmatched service to a niche public sector clientele. Although privately owned, NTA is one of the largest suppliers of supplemental insurance products to public school teachers, government employees and fire fighters throughout the United States.